Ensuring a competitive edge

At DeDuCo Europe, we specialize in the development and implementation of highly efficient CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software solutions for the Western European market. When it comes to integrated total solutions for CRM, we are THE specialists in Western Europe. Thanks to our technology, companies can optimize the value of their customer relationships.
Our software and service package enables interactive and personalized customer relationships to be built up and maintained, thus acquiring a competitive edge.

Our vision

We believe that Customer Relationship Management is more than an IT project. We consider CRM as a philosophy: organisation, information and communication put to work for the customer, supported by an IT system.
Our solutions are not an end in them, but a very efficient means to reconcile the IT approach with the corporate CRM strategy.
This is the only combination that results in a genuine customer-centric organisation, greater competitiveness and improved profitability.

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