Other Products


Meet our robot for retail! In addition to publicity, the robot guides customers to the right products in the shop. Furthermore, with our own image recognition software, the robot can take images of the shelves. This way, the number of facings, out-of-stocks, etc. are being counted automatically.

You can find all information and functions of the robot on our ShelfiePro website www.shelfiepro.be.

Image recognition software

Facilitate the life of sales representatives with our image recognition software. Take a picture of the shelf and our software will do the rest. The number of facings, out-of-stocks, … are known nearly instantly. In this simple way, you immediately have a clear overview of each shelf.

More information can be found on our ShelfiePro website www.shelfiepro.be.

DeDuCo CRM App

On the basis of our partnership with Resco, we have developed a mobile version of our CRM application, called ‘DeDuCo CRM App’. This application can be installed on Windows, iOS and Android devices.

Our mobile CRM is by default integrated with our SALESforce+ application, or can also function autonomously.

The most important functionalities are, among others the visit registrations, consultation of the customer card, order taking, distribution checks, photo module (multimedia), consultation of the history, consultation of the agenda, … and much more. The entire application is configured according to the customer’s wishes.

If one chooses an integration with our SALESforce+ application, it is extremely easy for representatives to register visits. It is no longer necessary to take larger computers etc. with you on the road. With the DeDuCo CRM App you can easily register data ‘on the go’ via your mobile phone and in the evening you can finish the visits via our desktop version (SALESforce+). Within seconds, you can synchronise the data from one application to another.


Do you need a clear picture on marketing and sales? This is the perfect tool for the Marketing department, Key Account Managers and for the Sales Management. With KEYaccount+ you have an excellent overview of your customers. This way you can satisfy your customers’ needs and build a relationship of trust that will result in extra purchasing power for your company.


With TERRItory+ you can quickly reorganise your sales team. Taking into account the parameters you have set. An extremely useful reorganisation tool in the event of expansions, mergers, acquisitions, etc. This tool can perfectly be used as a resource planning tool (temporary reorganisation tool).


Optimize your route with ROUTing+! Optimize and evaluate the sectors and planning of your sales team? With ROUTing+, all of this is possible! Considering the parameters set by you, ROUTing+ gives you the best planning. Discover how much time and money can be saved!


How to make maximum use of space? With PLANOgram+, this becomes child’s play! Out-of-stocks and reducing costs is now ‘a piece of cake’. Planograms can be used to give your product an extra boost, both on the shelves and in displays.

BI toolQlik Enterprise

Looking for Data Superpowers? With Qlik Sense you can easily combine all your data in one overview! Your data is placed in the right context by our innovative visualizations. This way, there is always an answer to every question. With Qlik Sense there are no limits to exploration and no data is left behind.