A complete follow-up of the planning. This includes shelf management. Requiring a planning of the day for the representatives? With a single click, you get a clear overview of the planning with details for that day!

Visit reports

Each visit to a client generates a visit report, which can be clearly viewed within each client. You receive a complete report of that particular customer, by selecting the customer!

Distribution follow-up

You have a clear overview of the products available at the customer’s shop. There are additional options that can be filled in, such as status, price, position, facings, …

Merchandising activities can be planned, animations can be arranged, etc.! Anything is possible by using SALESforce+!


A clear overview of the visit reports which can be retrieved quickly and easily from each customer.

Registration and Follow-up of orders

An order is submitted very quickly and can be easily followed up. Would you like to enter different types of orders? All of this is even possible within one visit! Need a signature? This is quickly placed!


Create your own surveys in no time with a wide range of possible answer types. Mandatory or not mandatory? The choice is yours! Various possibilities to collect strategic data from your customers.


Creating questionnaires becomes a piece of cake! Easily collect high-quality data.


Link photos to visits or customers in a flash. Easy to adapt and manage. A developed photo module that allows you to assign photos in a very simple way, entering the right category, brand, activity, etc.

Stock management

The correct stock data is always available and easy to consult! Can be quickly reordered in case of an out-of-stock. A correction or a receipt of the products can effortlessly be entered into the system.

Routing Optimization

How to optimize your daily schedule? With our latest feature that can be done in no time! With routing optimization, you can limit your driving time to generate more visiting time. In this way, you will be able to limit unnecessary kilometres as much as possible and you will have more time to plan additional visits.


Stock management has a key role to play. Find a healthy balance effortlessly with our stock management function!

Scan function

Easy and fast barcode scanning can be done within a few seconds with our scan function! Want to enter returns? With this function, this can be done in no time. Even generating bar codes is done within a few seconds. This way the customer can scan the bar codes immediately from the screen. In besides all this, the scan function is also possible for order taking, distribution follow-up and much more!

Event module

Are you planning to organise an event? Then use our event module and manage the entire organisation of your event in SALESforce+. From inviting customers to cost allocation, everything is easily arranged via this function!

Contracts follow-up

Easily and quickly draw up and sign contracts! No need for printers and paper, everything can be tracked digitally! This way you also take care of the environment and don’t burden yourself with all that paperwork!


An integrated event tool in our software!
Quickly and easily organise and manage events.